Being sexy can sometimes be overrated. Sometimes, as women, we just want to look cute. Can you tell me what's cuter than an animal? You in an animal costume, of course! This Halloween, let's look as cute as can be in one these top animal costumes on the market. What animal will you be?!

Black Unicorn Costume

Unicorns are such beautiful and majestic creatures. It’s no wonder that I wanted one when I was a little girl. I think the worst part of growing up is learning that unicorns aren’t real! However, even if you can’t own a unicorn, you can become one on Halloween night in this Black Unicorn women’s costume. This isn’t your run of the mill unicorn costume. This black costume is slimming, sexy and stylin’!


Sabbath Black Kitty Costume

Meow! Aren’t black cats bad luck? In this costume, you’ll be anything but bad luck and you’ll be extremely easy on the eyes. I think black is a sexy color, which is why I keep a lot of black outfits in my wardrobe. You can never go wrong with black, and you can never go wrong in a seductive kitty costume. If you want to look sexy, feel confident and look incredibly chic this Halloween, you need to pounce into this Sabbath Black Kitty women’s costume!


Kiss Me Frog Costume

I’ll admit… I am NOT a fan of frogs. They are gross, slimy, and ugly – frogs and women just don’t mix! You may not be a fan of frogs, but you’ll certainly be a fan of this hot costume! Green, form fitting and cute, you’ll make a fashion statement when you hop onto the scene this Halloween. They will grow green in envy when they see how good you look in this Kiss Me Frog women’s costume!


Bat Honey Costume

Guess what, honey? You’re going to look as cute as a bat this Halloween! Sure… bats are ugly creatures (lol), so maybe you don’t want to be as “cute” as them. But you will look cute in this costume nevertheless Get ready to soar into this party this Halloween in this Bat Honey costume. This outfit is cute and sexy and very leggy. I mean, if you have nice legs and aren’t afraid to show them, you’ll look great in this outfit (lol). On a serious note, black outfits are a great way to show off your figure and it adds a bit of seductiveness to any costume. Besides, bats are a Halloween symbol!


Party King Regal Peacock Womens Costume

You gotta admit, peacocks are beautiful creatures. Guess what? If you stand next to a peacock long enough, it’s beauty will rub off on you! Okay… I made that part up, but you will look beautiful in this Peacock women’s costume. This costume is unique, glittery, feathery, very purple and form fitting – perfect for the woman who wants to be a trend setter! Get ready to set some trends this Halloween and shake your tail feathers in the process!


Misbehavin' Mouse Costume

Us women… we all have a little bit of a rebellious side. Don’t be afraid to admit it! In this Misbehavin’ Mouse women’s costume, you can unleash your inner bad side just in time for Halloween! This outfit is a combination of cute and sexy. I mean, mice are cute… think about the cartoon mice you see in the media. This costume also screams sexy with it’s form fitting look and it’s use of red and black. Cute and sexy… what more could you want out of a costume?!


Cuddle Me Bear Costume

Bears are so cute and cuddly – when they are babies, that is. If you see a bear in the wild, obviously, you better run (lol). Of course, in this Cuddle Me Bear women’s costume, people won’t run away from you, they will run towards you and cuddle with you. This costume is super cute and simple, and that’s what makes it such a fun costume for Halloween festivities. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that look the best.


Pink Mouse Costume

You can never go wrong with pink! I mean, it’s such a feminine color and it looks cute! I love wearing pink outfits, and I’m sure you do as well. If you love pink just as much as me, you need to try out this Pink Mouse women’s costume. Nope, there is nothing sexy about this costume at all… SORRY! This costume is all cute, which is even better. You can’t go wrong in a pink dress and mouse ears, especially during Halloween. Forget about being sexy… let’s look cute!


Shimmering Goldfish Costume

You won’t be too hard to find when you wear this Shimmering Goldfish women’s costume! When you swim onto the scene, your shimmering scales will dazzle and shine, radiating an aura of beauty around you. The outfit is uniquely orange – which, by the way, is a great Halloween color and is super cute. If you want to be different from all the typical witches and sexy outfits, you can rest assured that you will be truly unique in this fabulous outfit!


Coquette Mouse Costume

Being sexy is fun but being cute is just as good! You can look as cute as can be in this Coquette Mouse women’s costume. This cute outfit has the lunch date vibe to it. When you go out to lunch, what would you typically wear? Me, personally, I always go with cute dresses (to keep it PG during the daytime). If you are looking for a cute costume for Halloween, something that is appealing and fun, look no further than this adorable outfit. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of date offers in this costume (lol).



Cinched Up Leopard Kitty Costume

Let’s get cinched up, glammed up and pounce into this Leopard Kitty women’s costume. This costume is a roaring sensation. Sexy, chic and leopard print – and don’t worry… no actual leopards were used in the making of this outfit (lol). This costume is sexy and will unleash the inner animal in you. So, let’s take a walk on the wild side this Halloween, let our hair down, look sexy and have a little fun!



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