Halloween is a fun holiday, so you should cut loose and have a little fun as well! Of course, in order to have fun, you'll need a costume that exemplifies the definition. On this list, you'll find some of the most fun costumes on the market. Some of the costumes are sexy, some are scary and some are beautiful; however, they all have one thing in common - they promote fun!

Prickly Pear Costume

A pear? Who wants to be a pear for Halloween? Well, you do, of course! The Prickly Pear women’s costume is a fun little treat! This outfit is exotic with it’s green design, handbag and flower hairpiece. It’s super cute and sexy. If you’re the type of girl who loves the night life and being dolled up, you’re going to have an interesting Halloween night in this fun costume.


Kylee Costume

We all love a little pop culture and media references, so why not take on the role of Kylee? To be Kylee, you have to have a high moral standard and be very intelligent. Also, as Kylee, it’s okay to be a little irritable and impatient when you are around annoying people. You’ll have loads of fun as Kylee, especially when you wear this sexy and trendy outfit.


Stanka Costume

Do you think you have what it takes to pull of the Stanka persona? Sure, she is sexy, and her outfit is amazing, but there’s so much more to her than her looks. To play the role of Stanka, you must be sensitive and have a high moral standard. In addition to that, you must be able to sympathize with others and be understanding. If you love animals, that’s also a plus. When you become Stanka for Halloween, you’re going to have a lot of fun and you’ll be getting compliments all night long in this outfit.


McKenna Costume

To fill Mckenna’s boots, you must be comfortable with being silent for long periods of times, you have to be a loyal friend and you must be comfortable with sexual innuendos (lol). Do you think you will be able to take on this persona? If so, you’re going to have a fun Halloween night, especially in this sexy outfit… if you can survive the night, that is!


Erika C. Costume

I don’t know if you can pull off the role of Erika C. You must have a nasty disposition to play this character. As Erika C., you will need to be mean, foul mouthed, cold and slightly damaged. Do you think you can fill her shoes? On another note, when you wear this fun costume, people may overlook your mean persona when they see you in this sexy outfit. This costume is fun, chic and all around sexy, which makes it a great Halloween treat.


Shark Attack Costume

Don’t you just love animals? Personally, I like the cute and cuddly kinds, such as dogs, cats and rabbits… but this Shark Attack costume will also suffice. When you wear this Shark Attack women’s costume, you’re going to have to play the role of a shark. You’re going to have to be aggressive, confident and strong – on top of that, it doesn’t hurt that this outfit will help bring out your sexiness. A fun costume with a sexy design is what makes this costume an instant hit.


Sexy Fortune Cookie Costume

Do I really have to tell you why this costume is fun? I mean… look at it! Would you have ever thought in a million years that a fortune cookie could be an actual costume?! This Sexy Fortune Cookie women’s costume is a fun little treat for the woman who wants to be different than everyone else for Halloween. What’s more fun than being a sexy snack that everyone can enjoy?


Killer Doll Costume

If you’re the type of girl who likes a horror, scaring people and being sexy, look no further than the Killer Doll women’s costume. We’ve all seen movies and TV shows where creepy dolls do unspeakable things. You can now take on the persona of these evil dolls and have an unspeakably fun Halloween night. Hey… dolls can be evil and sexy, too, y’know!


Mid-Week Honey Costume

When you wear the Mid-Week Honey women’s costume, you’ll need to let out your inner goth girl persona. This outfit is cute, plain and simple… perfect for the girl who doesn’t want to attract too much attention during Halloween. Of course, don’t get too excited, because you’ll break character if you do.


Bubblegum Babe Costume

What person doesn’t like gum?! Gum is such a fun treat – stretchy, gooey, tasty… YUM! As Bubblegum Babe, you’ll be a fun and irresistible treat on Halloween. This outfit is vibrant, colorful and sexy, which makes it a fun and unique costume. The only thing you need now are actual pieces of bubblegum to pass out to everyone you meet, and then you’ll totally win them over!


Wacky Wenda Costume

One thing is for sure… you won’t be too hard to find in this Wacky Wenda women’s costume! As Wacky Wenda, you’re going to have be nerdy, trendy and a bit of an adventurer! Halloween will be a blast, especially when they see you in this super sexy red and white outfit. Who knew nerds can be so interesting and sexy?! Do you think you have what it takes to pull of Wacky Wenda? Let out your inner nerd and let’s find out!


Monkey Business Costume

Do I really have to tell you why this costume is fun?! Monkeys are fun creatures!!! Their mannerisms and their personality are just loads of fun. In this Monkey Business women’s costume, you can now take on the persona of a monkey and look sexy doing it. Quit monkeying around and let’s get down to business!


Riddle Girl Costume

Were you a good student in school? Were you the type of girl who aced all her exams? Well, you’ll certainly have loads of fun in this Riddle Girl women’s costume. As Riddle Girl, you’re going to have put on your supervillain cap and play the role of an evildoer. What’s your evil power? Stumping people with challenging riddles, of course! Do you think you’re clever enough to outsmart those around you? Riddle me this – what’s green all over and has question marks on it? I’ll wait.


Dino Doll Costume

When I was a little girl, I remember watching the Flintstones. I always thought it would be fun to live in a time where things were so simple and how dinosaurs were used in everyday life. In this Dino Doll women’s costume, you can now bring the Stone Age to life in this trendy dinosaur outfit. All you need is a pet dinosaur, and then you’ll really be styling!


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