We live in a world where everyone wants to copy each other and be the same as one another. As women, we often experience this when it comes to fashion and style. What if I told you that you can be unique where it counts? That’s right, on Halloween, you can have a one of a kind costume when you wear one of these popular costumes that Nastassy has picked out just for you! Question is… which one of these costumes do you want for Halloween?

La Novia Costume

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, right? When you wear this La Novia women’s costume, everyone will behold your beauty! While some women like to be sexy for Halloween, others like to look beautiful. You’ll certainly make an unforgettable impression in this popular Halloween costume. How can you not feel beautiful in this colorful and vibrant dress?!


Collectible Anime Cutie Costume

Girls who love anime are one of a kind (at least that’s what I’ve been told). If you’re a huge anime geek like me, you’re going to love this Collectible Anime Cutie women’s costume. This costume is simply electrifying and shockingly sexy. Did I also mention that this costume is cute? The pop culture references, sexiness and sheer cuteness of this costume is what makes it a popular choice for Halloween. Let’s jump into this costume and make them faint with our irresistible beauty!


Silent Mime Costume

I’ll admit, I can be shy girl sometimes and I absolutely adore silence – silence is golden! In this Silent Mime women’s costume, you can be silently all you want, but still be sexy as can be! This costume is slimming, trendy and subtly alluring. This costume alone will make you a popular attraction at any Halloween party or event.


Pentagram Devil Costume

They say that all women have a little bit of devious side, and I can attest to that. I’ve done some naughty things myself, but I won’t elaborate (lol). In this Pentagram Devil women’s costume, you’ll be able to unleash the devil inside of you in an instant. This costume is sizzling! When you wear this slimming red leotard and throw on your devil horns, you’ll be ready to set Halloween on fire with your sexiness! Sometimes naughty things come in small packages, and right to your door step. What are you waiting for? Take a walk on the bad side and have let’s have a little fun!


Hollywood Honey Costume

Thanks to social media, we can be stars everyday (lol). You may play the part of the star, but can you look the part? In this Hollywood Honey women’s costume, you can embrace your fame and live that Hollywood lifestyle you’ve always wanted! Imagine how many likes you’re going to get when they see you wearing this sexy and popular outfit. When you wear this on Halloween night, perhaps Hollywood will give you a call after seeing your beauty.


Beast Trainer Costume

Do you want to have the best costume that no on has ever wore? Well, you won’t have to travel across the land, searching far and wide, because the Beast Trainer costume is just a click away! Any real anime loving girl will understand significance of this costume. Heck, even if you don’t love anime, you’ll instantly fall in love with how trendy this costume is. You know it’s your destiny to wear this costume on Halloween. Question is, can you catch yourself wearing such an amazing costume?


Atlantis Queen Costume

If Atlantis was a real place (which is still under debate), they would be lucky to have such a beautiful queen such as yourself. In this Atlantis Queen costume, you will blow Halloween out of the water with your confidence, sexiness and fashion sense. As women, we are all queens (although some of us don’t act like it). Come claim your throne and show everyone how a queen carries herself.


Avenging Assassin Costume

It’s no secret that Assassins are freakin’ sexy! Have you ever thought about using your looks and fighting skills to carry out secret missions? I know I have. You can now be an assassin when you wear this Avenging Assassin women’s costume. You can never go wrong with a black bodysuit – they are the epitome of sexy and are very slimming, giving you a fit look. Let’s knock ‘em dead this Halloween with our sexiness!


The Punishing One Costume

If you have a no nonsense, gritty and serious personality, the Punishing One women’s costume is the perfect fit for you! This costume is for the women who put business before pleasure but like to look sexy at the same time. Hell, if you just want to look sexy for Halloween and wear something that is original and chic, this costume is a winner in all categories. Let’s raise some hell on Halloween and look sexy doing it!


Women's Hellcat Devil Costume

Apparently, there are angels in hell, but not the good kind! Let’s be a little naughty in this Women's Hellcat Devil Costume . This costume is too sexy for the pure of heart. If you’re going to wear this costume on Halloween, you must be a little naughty. Temperatures will certainly start to rise to hellacious heights when you wear this steamy outfit. Halloween is all about having some naughty fun, so let’s being out the devil in us and bring out the true meaning of the holiday.


  • Jun 19, 2018
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