As women, there are times where we want to look our best by wearing something sexy and revealing. There’s just something empowering about being sexy, wouldn’t you agree? While many of us tend to look our sexiest when we go out with our girls at night, Halloween is another time where we can really cut lose and be as sexy as we want to be. There a lot of Halloween costumes out there that allow us to look sexy, but nothing beats the classic school girl look. School girls are the sexiest Halloween costumes out there on the market, and Nastassy has all the details on the best school girl costumes out there. Do you want to be a sexy school girl… or do you want to be the SEXIEST school girl? Trust me, in one of these costumes, you’ll be the sexiest school girl on Halloween night.

Freakin School Girl Costume

If you are planning on looking freakin’ sexy and want something that’s freakin’ stylish, no need to look any further than the Freakin’ School Girl women’s costume. This sexy school girl outfit is one of a kind, and you’ll feel like a seductive movie star when you wear this. Get ready to capture some attention in this high quality black, wet look top and the plaid skirt and tie, which is to die for.


Innocent School Girl Costume

The girls who appear innocent but have a hidden naughty side are best type of girls out there. If that sounds a lot like you, you would fit perfectly in this Innocent School Girl women’s costume. This outfit, while not too revealing, still maintains that sexy school girl look. In this black outfit, you will look slimmer and the plaid and suspenders really add onto the style of this outfit. While this outfit is innocent, you don’t have to be (lol).


A+ Student Costume

When it comes to fashion and looks, we are known to compete against each other. Perhaps you weren’t an A+ student in school, but you’ll score an A+ in the looks department when you wear this A+ Student women’s costume on Halloween night. This school girl costume is downright sexy and a little naughty. You’ll get compliments when you wear this gorgeous plaid skirt, and you’ll turn heads in your revealing tie top shirt. This outfit is as sexy as they come. Can you just imagine how you will look in this outfit?


School Daze Costume

So, how sexy do you want to be on Halloween? If you want to bare it all and leave little to the imagination, the School Daze outfit will accomplish that goal. Do I have to tell you sexy this outfit is? Just look at it. Short skirt, short tie top, extremely revealing… this outfit is the total package when it comes to pushing the envelope of sexiness. If you’re a confident woman who likes to test the limits, you need to slip into this sexy school girl costume.


Spank Me School Girl Costume

The Spank Me School Girl women’s costume… well, how kinky and naughty are you? If you like to push your boundaries, are seductive, flirt and maybe a little naughty (or a lot of naughty), this costume will score you an easy A in the sexy department. This outfit is sexy and its trendy. You can’t go wrong in this plaid and black leotard, and this sexy school girl outfit is very reminiscent of those that you see in the movies. If you want to turn your sexiness up a notch and feel like a movie star, you’ll achieve your goal in this outfit.


Schoolgirl Body Shaper Costume

Were you a bad girl growing up? If so, this Schoolgirl Body Shaper Costume will suit you. This outfit is for all the naughty girls out there – the ones that are flirty by nature, like to have a little fun and have a bad side. This sexy school girl outfit is ravishing with it’s all black look and adds a hint of style with its collared plaid tie. If you’re a bad girl (or a good girl gone bad), you’ll slowly start to reform in this sizzling outfit.


Provocative School Girl Costume

This sexy school girl outfit is one of a kind, and you’ll be at your absolute sexiness while wearing it. This Provocative School Girl women’s costume is the epitome of sexiness and style. This outfit is both naughty and styling – if you’re not afraid to show off a little skin, you’ll have fun in this costume. This outfit is easy on the eyes, and the black and plaid combo really makes this costume a cut above the rest. If you want an outfit that is sexy, but also has an aura of “naughtiness”, this sexy school girl costume will get you an instant A.


Uptown School Girl Sexy 3 Piece Costume Set

Depending on what you’re plans are on Halloween and wear you’re going to be, maybe you want to go full-on naughty.  This outfit is naughty by nature. In this outfit, you’ll leave little to the imagination, but you’ll look amazing in this hot outfit. If you want to the be the epitome of the school girl fantasy and want to empower yourself through a sexy and naughty outfit, this sexy school girl costume is one for the books.


Starline Home Schoolin' Costume

If you’re the type of woman who likes to the push the limits of sexiness, this Starline Home Schoolin’ women’s costume will make you feel your absolute sexiness. This outfit is for all the naught girls out there; the ones who are flirty and naughty. This outfit is very revealing, leaving little the imagination. It’s also stylish with the plaid design on the skirt, tie and hairbows and the red suspenders. If you’re feeling confident about your body and you want to rock something that will leave those around you in awe, this sexy school girl outfit is an easy choice.


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