Halloween is right around the corner, and the time to pick out the best costume is now! Why wait until the very last minute to get a beautiful and original costume? In this guide, we have picked out the top 10 beautiful women’s costumes for 2018. This guide will help you feel beautiful, elegant and sophisticated this Halloween! Which character will you be?

Lost in Wonderland Costume

Lost in Wonderland? Nope, I don’t think so! When they see you in this beautiful outfit, they’ll get lost in your eyes! Let’s sweep them off their feet this Halloween in this gorgeous Lost in Wonderland women’s costume. Don’t worry, you’ll no longer be lost in this outfit. With its blue and black patterned color scheme, you’ll be found in a blink of an eye.


Fancy Hatter Costume

Let’s go to the Halloween party in style! Let’s glamorize, let’s accessorize and let’s have a great time! In this beautifully sexy Fancy Hatter women’s costume, you will surely be the classiest woman in the room! If you’re looking to show a little skin, but keep it classy, then look no further than this beautiful costume!


Rose Fairy Princess Costume

What’s more beautiful than fairytales, magic and pixie dust? A Rose Fairy Princess women’s costume, of course! Sometimes, being sexy is a little overrated, wouldn’t you agree? Let’s bring a different trend to Halloween and go as something on the cute side! While not overtly sexy, this gorgeous costume is sure to stun. Who doesn’t like a woman who looks amazing in a dress?!


Dark Goddess Costume

There is nothing more attractive than a woman who is beautiful and knows she’s beautiful (as long as she isn’t obnoxious about it). However in this Dark Goddess women’s costume, you have every right to be vain about how beautiful you are. On Halloween night, they’ll treat you like the queen you deserve to be when they you see walk into the room in this beautiful dress. Even though this dress is black, you’ll instantly light up the room and everyone will bow down to your beauty.


Burlesque Babe Body Shaper Costume

Can we agree that black and red are both amazing colors to wear? Black is a very slimming color, while red is a very amorous color. Combined, they pack quite a punch! In this Burlesque Babe Body Shaper women's costume, you'll be the most beautiful woman in the room this Halloween. Get ready to dance and enchant people with your gorgeous looks and amazing style. If you’re looking for something that’s trendy, beautiful and different, look no than this chic and retro costume! You will turn some heads for sure!


BugJuice Babe Costume

It's been instilled in our heads that wearing scantily clad clothing is the only way to show off our amazing bodies! WRONG! Don't believe the hype! We can still look stunning in a beautiful dress as well. In this BugJuice Babe women's costume, you can show some skin and still maintain a sense of class as well. This Halloween costume is fun, creepy and beautiful all at the same time. People will be saying your name 3 times when they see you in this outfit.


Day Of The Dead Costume

What's more beautiful than a colorful dress?! In this Day of the Dead women's costume, you'll be the most beautiful woman in the room this Halloween. You don't always need to wear a mask to celebrate the holiday. Sometimes, it's the simple things that are the most memorable.


Fairest Darling Costume

Chic, elegant and high-class are a few words to describe this costume. Halloween is usually a time to dress up as something creepy or sexy, but you're going to start a new trend in this Fairest Darling women's costume! In this beautiful outfit, you'll feel like a confident and dignified woman. People will automatically be drawn to your energy, and they will start to wonder how much your amazing outfit cost. Keep it classy, keep it simple and have fun!


Black Beard's Beloved Costume

Lasses, Black Beard is going to have a run for his money when people see you in this beautiful costume. The Black Beard's Beloved women's costume is not only gorgeous, it’s simply stunning! When you walk into a room, you'll instantly make your presence known when you take off your hat and flip your hair back and forth. Black and red blend well together, and on this dress, you will have a killer combo this Halloween!


Black Mermaid Costume

As a little girl, have you ever wanted to be a mermaid? Of course you have! Mermaids majestic creatures. They’re very beautiful, known for their come-hither persona and are mesmerizing. Guess what? On Halloween night, you can have your childhood dream come true and become a mermaid in this Black Mermaid women’s costume. As you walk into the room, you’ll mesmerize everyone with your enchanting beauty. Perhaps you’ll even find a lovely human prince to call your own!


  • May 18, 2018
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