Babes, you gotta admit, there is nothing worse than going to an event and seeing another woman dress in the same thing as you! It totally defeats the purpose of looking so hard for the best costume when someone else is wearing the same thing as you. If you are looking for something hot, sexy, original and truly unique… look no further than this costume guide! This guide outlines the top 10 unique costumes that we believe will give you an original look for Halloween. 

Darn Hot Nikki

Using the word “unique” to describe this sexy costume is an understatement. This costume is darn hot! Think of this costume as the female version of Prince, but super sexy! If you want to make a grand entrance at your next Halloween party of event, go in this Darn Hot Nikki women’s costume. Trust me… you’ll get a lot of darn hot stares and flirtatious glances! 


Hippy Costume

I mean… hippies aren’t necessarily unique. Hippy costumes are a dime of dozen, especially since they focus on a specific time period. HOWEVER, this hippy costume is more unique than you may think! Think of a hippy and put a modern and sexier spin on it, and you have this costume! This Hippy women’s Halloween costume is super sexy, very trendy and is like an updated version of the traditional hippy clothing from the stockyard era.


Shark Attack Costume

Who doesn’t love sharks?! We have Jaws, Shark Week an a bunch of other shark related media sensations. Sharks are pretty freakin’ popular! Guess what?! You can also be popular and super sexy in this women’s Shark Attack Halloween costume. Why is this costume unique? I mean, you don’t really see women in shark costumes. You may see them in fish costumes or other animal costumes, but a shark? You’ll dangerously sexy in this costume!


Hello Panda Costume

Ah, pandas… so cute, so cuddly and so furry. Pandas really do make a great Halloween costume. When you think of a Panda costume, you may automatically think of a huge panda suit. However, this costume is nothing like what you may think. This Hello Panda women’s costume is a take on the traditional panda costume, but sexified 1000%. This costume won’t only make you look cuddly and furry, but you’ll also be super sexy in this body hugging and slightly risque outfit. Have all the qualities of a panda and all the qualities of a gorgeous woman (you) in one. How’s that for unique?!


Trippy Kitty Costume

Now, ladies… this costume is… erm… trippy. Let’s keep it real, cat costumes are super sexy. During Halloween or on TV/movies, we typically see women in all black spandex costumes with cat ears and a tail. This costume, however, deviates from the norm, which makes it very unique. You can still be super sexy in this Trippy Kitty women’s costume, but you won’t be a wearing a tight black cat suit. Nope… you’ll be wearing a tight pink and purples striped cat suit. You’ll have everyone clawing for your attention in this uniquely vibrant outfit.


Killer Doll Costume

There are a lot of costumes out there with killers. During Halloween you may see the traditional Michael Myers, Jason and killer clown costumes… but you never really see anything about killer dolls. This Killer Doll women’s costume is unique, because it’s in a class of its own. Super sexy and super creepy are the only words to describe this costume. Ladies, if you like scary costumes, but also want to be sexy at the same time, look no further than this costume!


Santa's Shelf Helper Costume

Ladies, in this Santa’s Shelf Helper women’s costume, you will be the gift that keeps on giving. This outfit is too sexy to be worn around Santa on Christmas, which is why it’s now just Halloween costume (you can still wear it on Christmas, if you’d like). Regardless of the status of this unique outfit, you’ll be the sexy gift that everyone wants to take up and unwrap. Hopefully you won’t make the naughty list this year!


80s Pop Diva Costume

 Babes, if you live for the 80s… you may want to look into this 80s Pop Dive women’s costume! This costume is uniquely retro and somewhat wacky (in a good 80s kind of way). You can be your own 80s pop diva in the year 2018. It’s never too late to sing some oldies and look sexy doing it!


Dead Assassin Costume

Ladies, have you ever wanted to be a deadly assassin? No? Didn’t think so! However, you have to admit, assassins (female assassins) are pretty damn sexy in there black wet look outfits. Even if you never wanted to be an assassin, you can at least admit you find their outfits to be super sexy. Well, this Halloween, you can be a different kind of assassin. You can try your shot at the Dead Assassin women’s costume. Unlike traditional assassin outfits, your outfit will be dangerously different. Think of a ninja, mixed with an assassin and a whole lot of sexiness. This is what this costume brings to the table. Hide your identity as your flaunt your way through your next party or cosplay event and look aggressively sexy while doing it!


Virtual Game Girl Costume

If you’re a gamer girl, this costume may appeal to you! For Halloween, you can show off your nerdiness in this Virtual Game Girl women’s costume! However, this costume is unique for one reason. Sure, you can wear this as a clever Halloween costume. However, this outfit is so trendy, that you could also wear it as an everyday dress! Why wear something once a year, when you can continuously wear it and look super sexy throughout the year?!


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