Are you looking to turn heads this Halloween and make those around you jealous of your outfit? Are you having a hard time finding costumes that fit your fabulous curves? If so, we have just the treat for you! We have picked out the HOTTEST plus sized Halloween costumes on the market. Get ready to make a scene in one of these sizzling costumes!

Plus Size Cinched Up Leopard Costume

I’ve always been a huge fan of animal print outfits. They are sexy, and they look good on just about any skin tone! So, let’s take a walk on the wild side and slip into this women’s plus size Cinched Up Leopard Kitty costume! If you’re looking to impress on Halloween night and get compliments for your amazing style, look no further than this hot outfit. You can never go wrong with leopard print. Also… no animals were harmed in the making of this stunning outfit, so don’t worry (lol)!



Plus Size Nightshift Cop Costume

You gotta be tough to be a cop. It’s no easy job, especially if you’re a woman! It’s takes a special kind of woman to wear this Nightshift Cop women’s outfit. You must be tough. You must be intelligent. You must be commanding. Most importantly, you need to be confident! On Halloween night, when you wear this hot outfit, you will show everyone that police (especially female police) can be sexy and tough!



Plus Size Mistress Maid Costume

Looking at this Mistress Maid women’s costume, I get a lot of thoughts about seductive TV maids.  If you are looking to be seductively cute, look no further than this super-hot maid outfit. Maids can have fun cleaning, and they can look sexy doing it!



Plus Size Army Brat Costume

Ten-hut! Are you tough enough to join the army? Do you have grit? Are you tough enough? Do you have the willpower to keep going in difficult situations? If so, congratulations! You are now part of the army. In this Army Brat women’s costume, it’s up to you to whip your platoon into shape in time for Halloween. Let’s suit up, look hot and get down to business!



Plus Size Pin Up Sailor Costume

Have you ever been on the cruise before? If not, you should consider it! The views, the place you get to go and the fun of travelling on the water… it’s all just amazing! What do cruises, and this hot Plus Size Pin Up Sailor women’s costume have in common? Water, of course! If you’re the type of woman who loves water and loves to look cute, look no further than this alluring sailor outfit! On Halloween night, let’s find us a captain, a loyal crew and let’s go sailing on the high seas!



Plus Size Boardwalk Flapper Costume

I’ll admit it. When I was in school, I was the type of girl who loved and craved history! My favorite time-period was the 1920s. Why? The 1920s was full of rich history, and it was a time where women really started come into their own. If you are a history enthusiast or you like retro styles, this women’s plus size Boardwalk Flapper costume is just right for you! Let’s bring the flapper style back this Halloween!



Plus Size Uptown School Girl Costume

Getting straight A’s in school takes a lot of work and a lot of dedication. However, you don’t need to pull of straight A’s to wear this hot women’s plus size Uptown School Girl Costume. This sexy costume won’t get you an A in the classroom, but it will get you an A in the looks department, the fashion department and the sex appeal department. Looks like you’ll make the grade this Halloween!



Plus Size Dark Castle Vampire Costume

Vampires are mysterious creatures; however, they are so hot! Okay, maybe I’ve seen too much Twilight and Underworld (lol)… but my statement still stands! In this women’s plus size Dark Castle Vampire costume, you can be just as hot as the vampires you see in the movies. Just try to avoid direct sunlight on Halloween, because vampires don’t do well in the sun.



Plus Size Ms. Meow Costume

Some of us have a tough time finding a man (myself included). But, you don’t have to become a crazy cat lady to wear this women’s plus size Ms. Meow costume. Black always makes a woman look slimmer and more alluring. In this sexy outfit, you’ll have them cat-calling you for your attention on Halloween night. Guess you won’t have to become a crazy cat lady after all with the options you’ll have!



Plus Size Wow Girl Costume

Superheroes are big right now! Look at all the superhero movies that come out each year. I know when I was a little girl, I always wanted to save the world and look stylish. In this hot women’s plus size Wow Girl costume, you can become the hero you’ve always wanted to be. Let out the hero inside you and let’s save some parties on Halloween night! Up, up and away!



  • May 23, 2018
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