Let’s make this the best Halloween ever, and let's be super sexy in the process!. We're going to wear our most revealing outfits, let our hair down and show off our flirty side! In this guide, we’ve picked out the most sexy women’s Halloween costumes for the year 2018. Question is, how sexy do you want to be?

Bankrobber Babe Women's Costume

Sometimes being bad, naughty and a little devious is an adrenaline rush. In this ravishing and ultra-sexy Bankrobber Babe women’s costume, not only will you feel naughty, but you will enjoy it. Black spandex has never looked so sexy, but you can enhance the sexiness when you put on this costume and steal some hearts. Being bad has never looked so good.



Bat Hero Costume

This costume is for all of my nerdy women out there. If you’re not afraid to admit that you read comics, play video games and watch anime, this courageously sexy and playfully fun costume is what you want for Halloween. Keeping your identity secret will be the easy part when you wear this costume. Fighting actual crime… well, that’s a different story.



Sexy Nurse Women's Costume

If you want to be naughty, sexy and have hearts racing, you need to slip into this Sexy Nurse women’s costume! Don’t be shy to admit it, but you’ve probably had a naughty fantasy or 2 of being a naughty nurse! You can now look the part this Halloween and have patients… errr… party goers lining up to get shots from you.



Special Forces Costume


Who says camo isn’t sexy? Camo goes with anything and everything. This Halloween costume is perfect for the woman who wants to embrace her feminine strength and sexiness at the same time. When you go out for Halloween, you may go by yourself. However, at the end of the night, you’ll have a platoon swooning and following you wherever you go! Get ready to whip your platoon into shape and show them that there’s some power underneath all that sexiness!



Wacky Wenda Costume

Nerdy women sometimes get a bad rep. We are too shy, too reserved and often times we are deemed not pretty enough. All that’s going to change when they see you in this super sexy and highly trendy Wacky Wenda women’s costume. This hot Halloween costume gives female nerds a new meaning and make being a nerd feel sexy!



Pentagram Devil Costume

As women, we sometimes want to let out our naughty side. That is what makes Halloween such an exciting holiday for many of us. Why not embrace the true essence of naughtiness in this devilishly sexy Pentagram Devil women’s costume. Hearts will melt when they see you walking around in this tight bodysuit. Who knew being bad can feel so good?



French Maid Body Shaper Women's Costume

When are maids sexy? All the time! Well, at least on TV and movies maids are always sexy. Be the best kept dirty secret that you don’t want to clean this Halloween. In this sexy black form shaping mini dress that show off your curves, you’ll have people wanting to hire you to be their personal maid. Sometimes keeping things dirty is okay.



Riveting Darling Costume

We, as women, have made so many contributions to society. Why not embrace true feminine beauty this Halloween? This Riveting Darling women’s costume is the true essence of what it means to be a woman. Grace everyone in the room with your presence in this sexily retro outfit. Feel confident and sexy while you empower those around you. How’s that for women power?



Strappy Officer Costume

When you’re a cop this sexy, it’s okay to be dirty. We all like to sexy it up during Halloween, right? There’s nothing sexier than this hot Strappy Officer women’s costume. You’ll definitely create a presence in this costume, and people will be begging you to cuff them. Be prepared to read partygoers their rights. The only crime here is that you can’t get any sexier than this!



Space Princess Costume


Have you ever wanted to be a princess? Of course you have! Look at how well princesses are treated. They get royal treatment, devout royal subjects and can have anything they want. It’s a fantasy that many of us women used to pretend to be when we were younger. Now, you can be a princess for real in this Space Princess women’s costume. Needless to say, at any party or cosplay event, you’ll get treated like a princess in this outfit!



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