Sometime girls just want to have fun. What’s more fun than being someone else and being super sexy in the process? Let’s make this the best Halloween ever. We are going to wear our most revealing outfits, let our hair down, have some fun and be a little naughty in the process. In this guide, we’ve picked out the sexiest women’s Halloween costumes for the year 2018. Question is, how sexy do you want to be?

Starline Secret Agent Plus Size Women's Costume

Do you know what makes a secret agent so sexy? It’s the fact that they get to wear a catsuit that shows off their curves and allows them to be so nimble during missions. I mean, look at Scarlett Johansson when she plays Black Widow – she looks super sexy, has that quiet confidence and can kick some ass! This Halloween, you can emulate her in your very own Secret Agent women’s costume.


Starline Cat Burgler Plus Size Women's Costume

Your curves are nothing to be ashamed of. If you got it, flaunt it! If you’re looking to make your curves stand out, look no further than this super sexy Cat Burgler women’s costume. There’s no better way to show off what you’ve got in a tight, form fitting catsuit. Let’s steal some hearts this Halloween.


French Maid Body Shaper Plus Size Costume

Maids are usually there to help clean up our messes and keep things tidy. However, that’s not your job in this super sexy costume. No, you’re job is to keep things a little naughty and a whole lot of dirty. Get ready to gussy up and have some fun in this naughty French Maid Body Shaper plus size women’s costume.


Plus Size Uptown School Girl Costume

This super sexy outfit may get you an instant detention! If you’re looking for an attention grabber this Halloween, look no further than the women's Plus Size Uptown School Girl costume. Schoolgirl outfits just scream sexiness. I hope you’re ready to get people expelled.


Sexy Cop Plus Size Costume

You’re going to be handing out a lot of tickets in this sexy costume. I hope you can handle flirtatious glances, a few catcalls here and there and a lot of sexy conversations. This Sexy Cop Plus Size costume is a fantasy come true. Be a dirty cop and show some skin this Halloween. I guarantee, people will be begging you to arrest them.


Plus Size Lion Tamer Body Shaper Costume

In this costume, you’re going to need to be strong and confident. Why? Because you’re going to have to keep everyone at the party tame when they see you in this Plus Size Lion Tamer Body Shaper women’s costume. This sexy costume has it all – it’s colorful and screams confidence. What more can you want out of a costume? You’ll certainly be the main attraction this Halloween.


Starline Blond Bombshell Plus Size Women's Costume

Let’s get a little retro and take it back to the 1950s! Who was the hottest female star in the 50s? Marilyn Monroe, of course! Think about Marilyn for a second. She was the most beautiful woman in all of Hollywood at the time. She had the looks, the confidence and the intelligence, which made her an all around sexy individual. Well, on Halloween, you can now unleash your inner Marilyn in super sexy Blond Bombshell women’s costume. Charm people with your intelligence and confidence and don’t be afraid to show off your ample cleavage in the process. You are going to own the night when they see you in this ravishing white dress.


Plus Size Army Brat Costume

What’s sexier than a woman that knows how to charge of a situation? This commandingly sexy Army Brat women’s costume will transform you from a quiet and passive girl into a strong and assertive woman who means business! I hope you’re ready to take command a small army of people… because this Halloween, people will swoon over you and follow you around, waiting for your command, as they see you march around in this militantly hot dress.


Plus Size Wow Girl Costume

This Halloween, let’s look sexy, let our hair down, put on tons of makeup and wow everyone in the room. Trust me… in this heroic Wow Girl women’s costume, you’re going to have a jaw dropping effect on just about everyone. Don’t be afraid to show off a little skin and mingle with those around you. This costume screams confidence and good times, which makes Halloween all the more exciting. So, let’s all have a little fun and wow the crowd in this fun and sexy outfit.


Devil Body Shaper Plus Size Costume

Oh, so you’re trying to be the sexiest woman at your next Halloween party, huh? In this Devil’s Body Shaper Plus Size costume, you will certainly accomplish that goal. You gotta admit… there’s something super sexy about a woman in red. Be prepared to melt some hearts in this hot outfit. This Halloween, go out in a blaze and have a little fun in the process.


  • May 18, 2018
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