With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about costume ideas, ladies! Personally, I like looking cute and a little sexy when I dress up from Halloween. What kind of styles do you like? What kind of styles look great on you? If you have no idea, don’t worry! In this article, you will find some of the best Halloween costume ideas for women. Let’s make Halloween of 2018 the best Halloween ever!

Ivy Seductress Costume

Superheroes and supervillains are hotter than ever, especially with the commercial success of DC and Marvel movies and TV shows. If you’re a bit of a nerdy girl like me, and you have a love for heroes and villains, look no further than this Ivy Seductress women’s costume. This costume is more on the cute side, but people may grow green with envy when they see how alluring you look! Oh, and as a fun fact, this costume isn’t just for Halloween. If you are an active cosplayer, you are certain to make quite the scene in this plant-like outfit!


Enchanted Castle Beauty Costume

Fairytale movies will always have my heart! As a little girl, I always dreamed about finding my prince in a similar manner as these princesses and having an extravagant wedding. Even though finding your prince may be a challenge, you can still play the part of a beautiful princess in this Enchanted Castle Beauty women’s costume. In this beautiful yellow dress, you are certain to tame the beast and turn him into a faithful and honest prince.


Jes Grabit Costume

You can never go wrong in a red dress! EVER! Red is a seductive color and it’s very alluring. If you want to jazz up your style a little bit on Halloween and look sexy, you can’t go wrong in this Jes Grabit women’s costume. You’ll certainly turn heads in this hot outfit. You gotta admit… sometimes it feels good to be a little seductive!


Rebel Costume

Black leather bodysuits are always a good choice, especially for Halloween. They are comfortable, durable and super sexy. They really bring out the naughty side in us! If you are a woman with a little bit of a bad side and you like to take kick some ass and take names, jus slip into this Rebel women’s costume for Halloween. In this lethally sexy outfit, just try not to kill anyone with your looks!


Pinup Prisoner Costume

As we know, black goes with anything and so does white. What better way to wear both colors together than on this beautiful Pinup Prisoner women’s costume! This costume is beautiful, it’s trendy and it looks good on any skin tone. Bad girls have the most fun, so let’s have fun on Halloween night as a sexy prisoner. Apparently, looking this good is illegal!


Comic Villainess Costume

I enjoy putting a smile on the faces of other people, don’t you? In this Comic Villainess women’s costume, your mission is going to be to put a smile on the faces of everyone you come across! If you’re a comic girl and you can’t get enough of heroes and villains, this costume will instantly put a smile on your face! Even if you aren’t a big comic nerd, this costume is still cute, fun and sexy all at the same time. Let’s share some laughs this Halloween and paint the town purple!


Mesmerizing Mime Costume

I’ll admit, mimes are kinda scary! Especially with their face paint and their utter silence. However, in this Mesmerizing Mime women’s costume, you’ll be far from scary! For one, you’ll look cute in this black and white outfit. Second, this costume is slimming, which displays a sexier side of you. Finally, you’ll mesmerize everyone with your silence and your beauty. That sounds like a great Halloween night to me!


Sultry Officer Body Shaper Costume

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a proper Halloween costume because of our body. For me, personally, keeping in shape after summer can be a bit of a challenge. However, don’t let your body stop you from finding a great costume! In this Sultry Officer Body Shaper women’s costume, you’ll be able to maintain that summertime fine for Halloween night.


Under the Sea Mermaid Costume

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had a thing for mermaids. Think about it – they are alluring, beautiful creatures, and they can breathe under water. How cool is that?! Have you ever wanted to be mermaid when you were a little girl? If so, you can become a mermaid as an adult in this Under the Sea Mermaid women’s costume. Get ready to find your sea legs… because you’ll be swimming in compliments when they see you in this enchanting outfit!


Flamingo Costume

Just like us women, flamingos are exotic, beautiful creatures. They are so delicate, pretty and majestic. This Halloween, you can take on the appearance of a Flamingo and spread your wings! There’s nothing hotter than a woman who is confident, flirty and knows how to shake her tail feathers on the dance floor!


  • May 23, 2018
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