Us ladies… we gotta stick together, especially when it comes to looking amazing for Halloween! It can be annoying when someone else or 50 other people have the same outfit as you. As such, we need to make sure that your costume is unique enough to stand out from the crowd. In this guide, you will find the best costume ideas for women. Whether you want to be creepy, sexy, cute or all of the above, Nastassy has you covered!

Mad Gambler Costume

Mad Gambler Womens Costume

Are you comic nerds like I am?! I love comics, heroes and villains! I can’t get enough of them, and obviously neither can you! Look at how well comic movies do in the box office!  You don’t have to be ashamed to be girl who loves nerdy activities! If you’re a nerd like me (and you’re not afraid to show it), laugh your way into this Mad Gambler women’s costume. This costume is on the creepy side, but the outfit also has a sexy and chic style as well. Halloween isn’t complete without a sexy villain running around!


Leopard Deluxe Costume

As I always say, you can never go wrong in leopard print! Leopard print looks good on any body type, any skin tone… and it’s just creates a sexy look! If you want to spice up Halloween and show of your sexy side, look no further than this Leopard Deluxe women’s costume! In this outfit, it’s okay to be a little wild and have some fun!


Hush Mime Costume

Okay… mimes are pretty scary creatures. Sure, they are just people in makeup, but the way they look, and act is still pretty creepy! However, in this Hush Mime women’s costume, you’ll be anything but creepy! If you’re a shy girl like me, you won’t have to worry about talking much in this outfit (if you want to commit to the role of the mime… lol). However, you can leave a lasting impressing in this sexy outfit and perhaps play a little charades on Halloween night! You can never go wrong in black and white.


Pleasing Geisha Costume

If you want to be a little cultured this Halloween, try your hand in this sexy Pleasing Geisha women’s costume. Do you even know what a geisha is? If not, you may want to travel to Japan and immerse yourself in their culture! Geishas are known as hostesses that are trained to please men by dancing, singing and conversation. If you’re a chatty Cathy, love culture and style… get ready to please the crowd in this chic outfit!


Strapped Up Cowgirl Costume

The wild west was a tough place! You had to be mean, tough and ruthless to survive! Of course, in many stories, women weren’t actively involved in all the gun totting action. However, when you wear this Strapped Up Cowgirl women’s costume, you’ll go down as the toughest cowgirl in history! In this cowgirl outfit, you can show everyone that women can be sexy, tough and badass all at the same time. I reckon it’s time to strap up and get ready for a wild, wild Halloween!


Devil Body Shaper Costume

Every woman out there has a bit of a naughty side. It’s just takes a little bit of a push to unleash it sometimes! In this Devil Body Shaper women’s costume, you’ll be able to unleash your devilishly naughty side in a drop of a pitchfork. In this alluring red costume, you get to be sexy, be naughty and have a little fun in the process. Oh, and with the built-in body shaper, you’ll maintain that summertime fine during Halloween as well. Sounds like a win all around to me!


La Catrina Shaper Costume

Although Day of the Dead is after Halloween, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate early in this La Catrina Shaper women’s costume. Some girls like to look beautiful instead of sexy for Halloween, and that’s fine! In this costume, you can be as beautiful as you want in this colorful dress and have fun Day of the Dead style!


Space Princess Costume

Growing up, I always wanted to a princess. They get everything they want, and I always thought that was cool! I bet many of you always want to be a princess as well, right? Well, here is your chance! Let’s be space princess in this Space Princess women’s costume! Inspired by space movies, this hot costume is the epitome of how a princess should look – strong, confident and beautiful! Get ready to show off your inner princess persona in this hot princess costume, and let’s save the galaxy!


Lion Tamer Body Shaper Costume

As a lion tamer, you need to be confident, strong and unafraid. I mean… when you’re in a ring full of dangerous animals, you need to be brave, am I right?! If you have what it takes to be a lion tamer, then you need to step into this Lion Tamer Body Shaper women’s costume. While wearing this costume, you will feel confident, you will empower those with your feminine strength and you will feel sexy! Essentially, you will embody all the qualities of the female spirit while wearing this hot outfit... and with the built-in body shaper, you’ll look like you’ve been hitting the gym! What more could you possibly want in a Halloween costume?!


Glamazonian Costume

The superhero world is pretty much a male dominated world. While you do see female heroes, you can count them all on one hand. The world needs more female heroes, and that includes you! Let’s take up the mantle of a hero and put on this Glamzonian women’s costume. While you wear this costume, you will feel your inner feminine strength rise to the surface. So, on Halloween night, let’s empower women with our strength and our beauty.



Unicorn Fantasy Costume

You may have wanted a pet unicorn as a little girl, but as you got older, you may have realized that unicorns don’t exist (bummer)! However, there’s nothing stopping you from becoming a unicorn and living that wonderful fantasy life this Halloween in this Unicorn Fantasy women costume. This outfit is cute, it’s chic and it’s colorful! Let’s bring fantasies to life in this beautiful outfit and have some fun!



Zzzoro Costume

If you have a soft spot for people in lesser positions and you like to help people out, you can do so this Halloween in this Zzzorro women’s costume! While wearing this sexy outfit, you will not only steal hearts… but you will also steal candy from the greedy and distribute it amongst the people who don’t have candy (just joking). All jokes aside, this costume is fun, it’s sexy and it’s creatively mysterious. If you want a unique look for your Halloween festivities, you can’t go wrong in this ravishing outfit!



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