Babes, Halloween is right around the corner. What are you going to be? What do you mean you don’t know? As women, we always have to look our best! If you’re not sure what or WHO you want to be for Halloween, it’s time to start planning now! Don’t worry, Nastassy’s got your back! We have prepared a list of costume ideas for you to help you look your sexiest, scariest or cutest for the spookiest (and sexiest) time of the year!

Misbehavin' Mouse Costume

Are you lookin’ for something that’s a sexy and cute at the same time? Look no further than the Misbehavin’ Mouse women’s costume. This is the Halloween costume you wear when you want to look as cute as a mouse, but show off your sexy side as well. In this outfit, it’s ok to be worst, naughty behavior. 


Cinched Day of the Dead Costume

While Day of the Dead is big in Mexican culture and very different from Halloween, it doesn’t mean you can’t dress up for the occasion on Halloween night. In this Cinched Day of the Dead women’s costume, you can look beautiful in these vibrant colors, and show off your sexy side as well. Let’s have some undead fun and dance the night away!


Red Riding Hood Costume

Uh-oh… it looks like Red Riding Hood is all grown up now, and she is super sexy. If you ever wanted to be the star of your own fairy tale, here is your chance! In this Red Riding Hood women’s costume, you will look grown, sexy and sophisticated on Halloween night. It’ll be hard to resist you in this sexy velvet dress and hood. Just be careful… you may attract a horde of big bad wolfs in this hot costume!


Silent Mime Honey Costume

We are talkers! We love to talk, and we love to express ourselves! Silence can be such a buzzkill! However, in this Silent Mime Honey women’s costume, your silence will be very much welcomed when they see you in this silently sexy outfit! Even though you won’t be able to talk while you wear this costume (don’t worry, you can talk if you want… lol), you will still be able to express yourself through your hand movements.


Black Goddess Costume

Black is sexy color, wouldn’t you agree? It makes us look slimmer, it’s alluring, and it really helps define our shape. On Halloween, you can slip into this sexy black dress and become known as the Black Goddess! In this super sexy Black Goddess women’s costume, you’ll have people lining up to serve you and worship your beauty, all because of this sexy black dress you have on.


Cuff Me Honey Costume

Halloween is a great holiday for some fun times, but it’s also a time when all the creeps come out as well. In this Cuff Me Honey women’s costumes, it’ll be up to you to put those creeps away. If you’re feisty, strong, commanding and fine, this is the job for you! Of course, in this commandingly sexy outfit, the Halloween creeps will have no problem with you cuffing them!


Maiden of the Throne Costume

As little girls, we have all wanted to be princesses and queens – they are strong, confident, beautiful and always get their way. In this renaissance era Maiden of the Throne women’s costume, you’ll be treated just like a princess. You’ll look absolutely alluring, you’ll feel confident and you’ll have people waiting on you hand and foot to please you. Who knows… maybe after wearing this costume, you’ll no longer be a maiden.


Beast Trainer Costume

As a Beast Trainer, your only goal is to the be a master of Halloween. What does that mean exactly? That means you need to have the best costume on Halloween night, and that can be accomplished in this Beast Trainer women’s costume. This costume is cute, it’s trendy, it’s sexy and it’ll get you noticed. Get ready to catch the attention of everyone and be the master of Halloween!


80s Pop Diva Costume

If you’re a music lover like I am, then you’re gonna love this 80s Pop Diva women’s costume! The 80s had a lot of hits and a lot of great pop stars, such as Madonna. In this trendy and retro outfit, you’ll feel the power of the 80s flowing through you! Who knows, perhaps you’ll even feel comfortable to sing a few 80s hits in the process!


Black Pearl Pirate Costume

Have you ever wanted to be a pirate when you were a little girl? Probably not (I know I didn’t). Pirates are mean, nasty, and not to mention, they are smelly! Pee-yew! However, in this Black Pearl Pirate women’s costume, your whole perspective of pirates will change for the better. On Halloween night, get ready to travel the seven seas (or to seven parties) in this super sexy costume. Be seductive, aggressive and smell your best, while gaining a crew of loyal that will have you back.


Prickly Pear Costume

I know, I know… sometimes looking “naughty” and “slutty” for Halloween can be a bit played out sometimes. If you really want to switch gears, then your best bet is in this Prickly Pear women’s costume. This outfit is incredibly cute and sort of has this “dinner date” vibe to it. Look as sweet as a pear and feel grown and sexy when you show off your style in this gorgeous outfit!


Darn Hot Nikki Costume

It would be an understatement to say that the Darn Hot Nikki costume is “just” hot! No… this costume is also darn sexy! In this super sexy outfit, you’ll surely make quite the scene. Short and skimpy, cleavage revealing and super fun, who wouldn’t want to spend time with you on Halloween? Let the darn good times roll!


Bad Dreams Babe Costume

Bad dreams are inevitable and part of life. However, when you’re wearing this sexy Bad Dreams Babe women’s costume, I don’t think anyone will be having bad dreams about you, but the dreams may be “bad” (lol). This Halloween, you’ll surely have people staring at you in awe when they see you in this spookily sexy outfit.


Mad Hatter Costume

If you’re really looking to make an impression on Halloween (aren’t we all), the Mad Hatter women’s costume is right up your alley! This costume is so gorgeous, that it may drive those around a little… umm… mad. With its bright colors, patterns and cuteness, you’re sure to have a crazy good time and be the life of the party!


Beetle Bride Costume

Get ready to find your groom in this super cute Beetle Bride women’s costume! Halloween night will be the perfect time to find you a man in this outfit. In this cute red outfit, you’ll certainly have every man in the in the room propositioning for you marriage (obviously not). All in all, if you want something that’s cute, chic and very red (which is an alluring color), look no further than this gorgeous costume!


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