Being sexy for Halloween?! Ugh, being sexy and slutty for Halloween is so yesterday, and everyone does it. I mean, it’s becoming played out. How about we change things up a bit? Instead of being sexy this Halloween, let’s be cute as can be! I’m talking about fairies, cute and cuddly animals, fairy tales, magic and dresses! In this guide, we’ve picked out the cutest costumes for 2018. What costume will you choose this year?

Bubblegum Babe Costume

Are you ready to look cute this Halloween? If so, you’ll look as sweet as bubble gum in this super cute Bubble Gum Babe women’s costume. This costume is bright, vibrant and colorful, which makes it all the more fun to wear. This adorable body hugging costume will make you an instant hit, and you’ll definitely stand out above the rest.


Catch Me Honey Costume

There is nothing wrong with looking cute on Halloween. Some like it sexy and others like it cute!  This Halloween costume, however, isn’t cute – it’s EXTREMELY cute! The Catch Me Honey women’s costume is great if you want to make an unforgettable impression at any Halloween or cosplay event. I mean, who wouldn’t notice you a mile away in that yellow dress? Trust me; people will be trying to catch your attention all night long!


Cute Furry Space Creature Costume

Cuddly creatures are often the cutest things in the world! Think about it – dogs, cats, hamsters... all so cuddly and all so cute! With this Cute Furry Space Creature women’s costume, you’ll be able to compete with their level of cuteness! This super adorable Halloween costume is furry, seemingly casual and adds a bit of mystery with the hood. You’ll be a big hit, especially when people come up to you and try to cuddle with you!


Frozen Treat Cutie Costume

Ladies, has a guy ever told you that you look like a snack? Trust me, many of us hear that all the time! However, you can LITERALLY look like a snack this Halloween in this gorgeous Frozen Treat Cutie women’s costume. Show off your legs and have people craving a piece of you when they see you walk into the room. You’ll be the epitome of cuteness, but also a slight taste of sexiness. Sounds like a nice treat to me!


Mischievous Green Fairy Costume

Being mischievous during Halloween is what the holiday is all about. Let’s get into the Halloween spirit in this Mischievous Green Fairy women’s costume. Super adorable, ultra cute and daringly captivating, you’ll make a scene when people see you in this bright green dress. While this costume is more on the cute side, there is nothing sexier than a cute woman with an edgy side.   


Block Bustin Maria Costume

Everyone enjoys a woman who understands pop culture references. How much of a pop culture nerd are you? If you open up your nerdy side, you’ll have no problem wearing this Block Bustin Maria women’s costume to your next Halloween party of cosplay event. Look cute and feel nerdy in this chic red and blue outfit and let’s bust open some boxes in the process!


Deluxe Shimmering Goldfish 4 Piece Costume Set

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but you’ll be the one that people won’t want to let go of! If you want a Halloween costume that is unique, different and extremely cute, you need to swim into this Deluxe Shimmering Goldfish 4 Piece women’s costume. Set yourself apart from the rest and look cute this Halloween season. Dare to be different (and adorable).


Fun Mouse Costume

Just like women, mice just want to have fun! Get ready to have some fun and look super beautiful in this Pin-Up Mouse women’s costume.  Show off your curves in this adorable, colorful and bright red and black dress, and show everyone how cute you truly this Halloween! You’ll certainly be the center of attention in this fun and cute costume.


Monarch Butterfly Costume

Let’s put on some makeup, get our hair done and transform ourselves into a beautiful butterfly this Halloween! This Monarch Butterfly women’s costume will help you unlock your inner beauty and become the best version of yourself. Spread your wings and turn some heads in this super cute bright yellow Halloween costume. Who knows, maybe your beauty will rub off on those around you.


Black Mermaid Costume

As a little girl, have you ever pretended to be a mermaid? Movies like The Little Mermaid made it seem so appealing to be a mermaid. Now, as an adult, you can live out your mermaid fantasy in this cute Black Mermaid women’s Halloween costume. This costume is more on the cute side, but also edges towards the side of sexy as well. Make an impression this Halloween and turn some heads in this super cute and slightly sexy all black costume.


  • May 18, 2018
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