Ugh, being sexy and slutty for Halloween is so yesterday, and everyone does it. I mean, it’s become played out. How about we change things up a bit? Instead of being sexy this Halloween, let’s be as cute as can be! I’m talking about fairies, cute and cuddly animals, fairy tales, magic and dresses! In this guide, we’ve picked out the cutest costumes for 2018. Which one will you be this year?

Coquette Mouse Plus Size Costume

Hey, babes… are you looking to be the CUTEST girl at your next Halloween party? Your cuteness isn’t complete unless you are wearing this Coquette Mouse plus size women’s costume. This costume is the epitome of cute and classy. Be prepared to show off your gorgeous legs as your grace party goers with your presence. Cute has never looked so good!


Plus Fancy Beer Girl Costume

Ladies, many of us can agree that beer tastes gross, but there is nothing gross about this Beer Girl costume! In this cute Halloween costume, you'll be everyone's favorite person. People will jokingly ask you to serve them a drink, and you'll get compliments when they see you in this adorable dress. Get ready to embrace your server side as you wear this classic Irish pub outfit. If you want something cute, form fitting and classy... look no further than this stunning outfit!


Pink Marionette Plus Size Costume

Growing up, we all loved dolls. Maybe you played house with Barbie and Ken, and perhaps you used to want to be similar to Barbie. Even though you can’t be Barbie, you can be a doll this Halloween in this Pink Marionette plus size women’s costume. Even though would regard Barbie as sexy, you don’t have to be. Sometimes it’s the cute girls who have confidence that win, and this pink outfit is an all around win if you’re looking for something super cute to wear. Who says you can’t look pretty in pink?


Red Hooded Babe Plus Size Costume

We all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood, right? Well, there’s a new take on this story and you’re the star! Create your own story in this super cute Red Hooded Babe plus size women’s costume. You’ll definitely find your big bad wolf in this gorgeous costume. Get ready to turn some heads and make mouths water when they see you in this outfit on Halloween night.


Plus Size Pierrot Sad Clown Costume

Babe's, get ready to turn that frown upside down! This Pierrot Sad Clown women's costume may look like a mood killer; however, when you wear it, people won't be able to stop smiling around you! Everyone loves clowns, and you can be the cutest clown of them all in this Halloween costume. Clowns have a scary reputation, but you're going to change all that. Who says that clowns can't be cute and positively adorable?


Plus Prehistoric Honey Costume

If you’re looking for a unique costume idea, a costume idea that you KNOW for a fact that nobody else will be, you need to try the Voodoo Doll women’s costume. Voodoo dolls sound so unsexy; however, I assure you, there is nothing unsexy about this Halloween costume! This voodoo doll outfit is hot… it’s sexy and it’s a bit risque! If you like to show off your toned and curvy body, the body that you have been working on all summer long for that summer time fine, look no further!


Cuff Me Honey Plus Size Costume

As women, when we wear cop costumes, it's usually to get the attention of those around us. Cop costumes are usually sexy, revealing and very risque. However, there's also another side to cop costumes. Cops don't always have to be revealingly sexy; they can be commandingly cute as well! In this Cuff Me Honey women's costume, you're going to play the part of the cute cop. On Halloween night, get ready to turn heads and cuff anyone who is breaking the law. Cute and dominating are very sexy traits, ladies!


Plus White Magic Witch Costume

Be prepared to show off your model-esque legs in this super cute Plus White Magic Witch women’s costume! If you want to show off some skin (but not too much) and you want to feel cute, take a broomstick ride to the White Magic Witch costume! In this white, puffy mini dress and witch hat, you will feel more like a princess than a witch. Cast some spells and turn some heads all night long this Halloween!


Heavenly Honey Plus Size Womens Costume

With all the devils in the world and all the devils on Halloween, it's nice to see a symbol of peace! When you wear this  Heavenly Honey Plus Size Womens Costume, you'll be the cutest, most innocent person on Halloween night. Bring in some peace of mind and be a ray of light in this angelic and adorable white dress with matching halo. 


Plus Sugar Skull Senorita Costume

Finding the right costume for Halloween can be an issue at times, especially for us girls. We always want our outfits to be perfect. When you pick out your costume, maybe you want something more on the sexy side. But, maybe you want something more on the scary side. But, then again, you can’t go wrong with something cute. There can be way too many choices! So, why not go as something that is both cute and scary. This Halloween, make an entrance when they see you in this beautifully scary outfit.


  • May 14, 2018
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