Some women like to be sexy for Halloween, while other women like to scary. Then… there are those women (us) who just want to look cute. There’s nothing wrong with being cute for Halloween, dolls, but you will need a super cute costume to compete with the rest. In this guide, Nastassy has taken the time to list some of the cutest costumes on the market for 2018. How cute do you want to be this Halloween?

Kiss Me Frog Costume

Rumor has it, that if you kiss a frog, it will turn into a prince (please don’t try this). However, on Halloween night, when you wear this Kiss Me Frog costume, men will line up to kiss you and women will glow green with envy. This outfit is a combination of cute and sexy, which is nice.  There is nothing cuter a woman wearing a frog costume, but, at the same time, there is nothing sexier than a woman who wears it well.


Glam Alice Costume

Take a bath, get your hair done, put on make up and let’s get dolled up, because you’re going to look cute on Halloween night in this Glam Alice women’s costume! Incredibly slimming, bright and vibrant, unique and incredibly gorgeous are just a few ways to describe this outfit. Of course, when you wear it, you’re going to be treated like the queen you are. What are you waiting for? Let’s get glammed up and be cute like Alice for one night!


Rainbow Unicorn Costume

As little girls we all loved fantasies and fairy tales (don’t be afraid to admit it)! Growing up, I bet you wanted a unicorn as a pet, but you were saddened when you found out there weren’t real. Well, let’s turn those frowns upside down! On Halloween night, instead of having a pet unicorn, you can be a unicorn. In this Rainbow Unicorn women’s costume, you’ll look cute as can be and live out your unicorn fantasy in the process!


Catch Me Honey Costume

Uh-oh… I sense a lightning storm coming. Get ready to shock ‘em all when they see you in this Catch Me Honey women’s costume on Halloween night. This costume is electrifying cute! You’ll capture everyone’s attention in this cute bright yellow dress as you make your way to the dance floor. Oh, did I forget to mention, this outfit is also great for all your cosplaying ladies out there!


Cave Babe Costume

Where have you been all this time? Living in a cave? In this Cave Babe women’s costume, the answer is obviously “YES”! It’s now time to come out of your cave on Halloween night and party the night away. In this prehistorically cute outfit, you’ll certainly unlock the primal instincts of those around you. Thankfully, if they get out of control, you will be able to club them and keep them at bay.


Coquette Mouse Costume

Get ready to be as sweet as a mouse in this cute Sweet Little Mouse women’s costume. This costume is the epitome of cuteness! In this slimming black top and red and white polka dot dress and the mouse ears, nobody will be able to resist your cuteness this Halloween!


Ring Master Costume

If you’re the type of woman who’s feisty, fearless and loves to be in control, then look no further than this super cute Ring Master women’s costume. On Halloween night, you’ll be the ring master and the party will be your circus. Let’s keep the party tame and have a little fun!


Ms. Private Investigator Costume

If you’ve ever wanted to get into the crime field, here is your chances! This Ms. Private Investigator women’s costume is not only incredibly cute, but it’s also subtlety sexy. Halloween is a time where all the monsters and creeps come out, but they’ll certainly loved to be caught by you when they see you in this outfit!


Legendary Latina Costume

Are you a singer? Shower singer? Lip-syncer? Well, we got a treat for you this Halloween. Get ready to sing your guts out in this cute Legendary Latina women’s costume. Okay, so maybe you’re not a singer. Don’t worry, you don’t really have to sing in this outfit, you just have to look cute.


Hippy Costume

Are you a history junkies or music junkie? Maybe you know a little bit about the 70s? Woodstock? Those were some crazy times! Let’s bring back those crazy times in this retro Hippy women’s costume. In this groovy and cute costume, you’ll be the center of fun at the party. One thing is for sure, on Halloween night, everyone is going to have a far out time!


Skimpy Sailor Costume

In this super cute Skimpy Sailor women’s costume, you’ll certainly find your captain on Halloween night! With a little strut and a cute smile, you’ll have them fighting over you in an instant. Get ready to travel the seven seas in this cute outfit!


La Catrina Body Shaper Costume

Even though Day of the Dead is different from Halloween, there’s no reason why you can’t wear this cute costume on Halloween night! The La Catrina Shaper women’s costume is the perfect choice if you’re looking to make a cute entrance. With its vibrant colors, skulls patterns and bright red shawl, you’ll be an undead hit when they see you in this gorgeous outfit! Oh, and ladies, with the built-in body shaper, this costume will give you a slimmer appearance (that’s a win)!


  • May 18, 2018
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