Let’s make this Halloween the best Halloween ever, girls! Let’s let down our hair, show off our dance moves, wear skimpy outfits and partay! Halloween is a time where us girls can have fun and not have to worry about other people judging us. In order to bring in the Halloween festivities, the correct way, we have created a best women’s costume guide for 2018 that will help you pick out your perfect costume that fits your personality. Whether you want to be cute, sexy, scary or all of the above... the choice is yours!

Hippy Costume

Are you looking to add a little culture into your Halloween costume? If so, let’s take it all the way back to the 1960s in this groovy Hippy women’s costume! You can listen to some Jefferson Airplane as you slip into this hot, retro costume. The Hippy costume features a classic hippie look with a modern day appearance for style. Stylish, nostalgic and sexy is the always the best combination.


Seductive Maid Costume

Hey ladies, are you looking to turn some heads this Halloween? Say no more! You’ll definitely get a rise out of people in this super sexy Seductive Maid women’s costume. Who needs clean fun when you can make things a little dirty?


Alluring Assassin Costume

Some people find aggressiveness and beauty to be a sexy trait in a woman. Babes, you can now embody those traits in this Alluring Assassin women’s costume! Assassins stay under the radar, but you’ll be a hot spot on everyone’s radar. Alluring is an understatement. People will literally drop dead when they see you in this risque Halloween outfit. Mission accomplished!


The Punishing One Costume

Get ready to let down your hair, kick some ass and take some names on Halloween night! This Punishing One women’s costume is dangerously sexy. If you’re looking to spice up the night, show some skin and feel downright naughty, look no further! People will be begging for you to punish them when they see you in this ultra hot outfit, that’s for sure.


Red Riding Hood Costume

Wait a minute… isn’t Little Red Riding Hood an INNOCENT fairy tale? Of course it is! But, let me tell you, there’s nothing innocent about this costume. The Red Riding Hood women’s costume has all the qualities of a fairy tale, but all the sexiness of a confident woman. Feel gorgeous, beautiful and sexy all at the same time in this one of a kind outfit.


Goddess of Beauty Costume

As women, we all want to feel beautiful. We even like it more when people acknowledge our beauty. How do you feel about being a goddess known for her beauty? You can be that beautiful goddess that everyone wants to be in this bewitching Goddess of Beauty women’s costume. Goddesses aren’t afraid to show some skin, and they aren’t afraid to take control. On Halloween, own the night with your seductively sexy looks and your unwavering feminine strength.


Sexy Swashbuckler Costume

Pirates can be sexy, too! What’s sexier than a woman who also takes control of a situation? That’s exactly what you’re going to do in this Sexy Swashbuckler women’s costume. Get ready to take off your hat, flip your hair and show off your style in this Halloween costume. You’ll find a crew of loyal lackeys in no time, and if anyone gets too handsy with you, you’ll make them walk the plank!


Captain USA Costume

There’s a new hero in town, and she is a woman! Let’s call her Captain USA. Ladies, are you ready to be a hero? In this Captain USA women’s Halloween costume, you’ll be more than just a hero, you’ll be a sexy one! Every time you fight crime, you’ll also be secretly turning heads. How’s that for a superpower? Feel sexy, confident and bold this trendy and valiantly sexy outfit.


Hellcat Devil Costume

Who knew that devils could be so sexy? Be hellishly sexy in this scorching hot Hellcat Devil costume. When you enter a room, the temperature will start to rise when they see you in this enticing black outfit. Get ready to bring out the devil in people and have some real fun this Halloween.


Maiden of the Throne Costume

Bring out your inner sexiness and confidence in this Maiden of the Throne women’s Halloween costume. If you’re going for a gorgeous and sexy look, look no further than this costume. Get ready to show off your toned body in this super stunning and classy look. One this is for sure… In this super sexy costume, it’s going to be hard for you to remain a maiden.


Frisky Nurse Costume

Hellllooooo, Nurse! Are you ready to tend to people around you? I hope so, because everyone is going to faint when they see you in this Frisky Nurse women’s costume. Don’t be afraid to get a little handy. Don’t be afraid to let down your hair. And don’t be afraid to show off your frisky side! Halloween is all about having some fun and making some memories. Make some memories as the unforgettable, frisky nurse!


Strapped Up Bunny Costume

Ladies, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about bunny costumes? I bet you immediately start thinking about all those beautiful Playboy models wearing those sexy and skimpy bunny outfits, right? If you were featured in a Playboy magazine, you were typically a woman who was sought after and desired by men everywhere. Guess what? That can be you! Women won’t have nothing on you when they see you in this super sexy Strapped Up Bunny women’s costume. Think Playboy Bunny, but 1000 times sexier. Get ready to be naughty, sexy and have a good time this Halloween in this high quality costume!


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