We live in a world where everyone wants to copy each other and be the same as one another. As women, we often experience this when it comes to fashion and style. What if I told you that you can be unique where it counts? That’s right, on Halloween, you can have a one of a kind costume when you wear one of these popular costumes that Nastassy has picked out just for you! Question is… which one of these costumes do you want for Halloween?

Black Magic Sorceress Costume

Have you ever been a witch for Halloween? I’m sure you have. As a little girl, I was a witch – I had the long nose, the witch hat, the long dress and broomstick. That’s typically how a witch looks, am I right? The Black Magic Sorceress women’s costume is not your ordinary witch costume. This costume takes the typical witch concept and amplifies its sexiness 10-fold, which makes it the best witch costume on the market. In this black, wet look catsuit, you’re going to leave many in an intoxicating love spell with just one glance.


Red Dragon Ninja Costume

It seems that ninjas are becoming more and more mainstream. There’s quite a bit of known kunoichis (female ninjas) out there in the media, but they will have nothing on you when you wear this Red Dragon Ninja women’s costume. This outfit is strikingly sexy and uniquely designed. If you’re looking to dress to impress this Halloween, you’ll make a lasting impression in this red and black hooded romper. Let’s face it… there’s something sexy about a woman who is both sexy and dangerous.


Midnight Shift Officer Costume

While cop costumes are a dime a dozen during Halloween, you can separate yourself from all the rest of girls following the trend in this Midnight Shift Officer women’s costume. This costume is super sexy, and one best female cop costumes on the market. You can’t go wrong in black fishnets and a black, wet overall look.


Strapped Up Bunny Costume

How sexy do you want to look for Halloween? If you want to set the sexiness standard, you must come to the party in this Strapped Up Bunny women’s costume. This isn’t your ordinary bunny outfit. All black, a wet look design and lace on the sides and the top… what’s sexier than that? You’ll definitely look your best when you hop onto the scene in this stunning outfit.


Seductive Maid Costume

Guess what? You were made for this costume! Maids are popular Halloween costumes, but you can best them all in this Seductive Maid women’s costume. This outfit is incredibly sexy. In this black, slimming and short dress, you’ll be the fantasy maid everyone wants as their housekeeper. Just try to keep things clean when wearing this seductive outfit.


Poisonous Villain Costume

Do you have what it takes to be the best villain on Halloween? The Poisonous Villain women’s costume is the best villain costume of them all. You’ll have people glowing green in envy when they see you in this short and sexy leaf-styled dress. As a villain, it’s okay to be flirty and seductive to lure your foe into a false security to get what you want.


Glamazonian Costume

Justice always prevail, and you’re going to be the best hero you can be when you wear this Glamazonian women’s costume. This outfit is not only sexy, but it’s also empowering. When you wear this outfit, you’ll feel the feminine spirit running deep through your veins. Let’s show the world that female heroes can be sexy, classy and strong at the same time.


Belle of the Ball Costume

Did you go to your school ball? I didn’t, because none of the guys asked me out (humph)! Looking back at the ball, it’s like a fashion show. Every girl wants to have the best outfit and look the prettiest… it’s a real competition, isn’t it? Get ready to do the ball all over again in this Belle of the Ball women’s costume. You’ll stand out in and stun in this gorgeous yellow dress, and men will be fighting to get the last Halloween dance with you!


Sabbath Black Kitty Costume

Cat costumes are the best costumes of them all. They are sexy, fun and seductive. However, the Sabbath Black Kitty women’s costume outranks all the other cat costumes. This outfit is just downright sexy and enticing in nature. In this black, wet romper you’ll certainly turn heads as your strut around in this kinky outfit. If you’re a girl who enjoys sexy outfits, look no further!


Women's Hellcat Devil Costume

Apparently, there are angels in hell, but not the good kind! Let’s be a little naughty in this Women's Hellcat Devil costume. This costume is too sexy for the pure of heart. If you’re going to wear this costume on Halloween, you must be a little naughty. Temperatures will certainly start to rise to hellacious heights when you wear this steamy outfit. Halloween is all about having some naughty fun, so let’s being out the devil in us and bring out the true meaning of the holiday.


  • Jun 19, 2018
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