Let’s be honest for a second. Real pirates aren’t sexy – I mean, if you find not taking showers for days, not shaving and total disregard for hygiene, then they aren’t sexy at all. But, we can change all of that. This Halloween, you’re going to be a different type of pirate. You’re going to be fierce, confident, sexy and you’re going to smell amazing! I hope you’re ready to dazzle everyone with your sexy appearance and dominating personality. If they don’t like you, make them walk the plank! Question is, which pirate outfit will you choose?

Sexy Swashbuckler Costume

Are you the swashbuckling hero type? No? Neither am I, but it’s nice to dream! However, in this Sexy Swashbuckler women’s costume, you can unleash your inner hero while looking super sexy. You never really think about a female pirate being sexy, but you’ll change that outlook in this hot costume. Look pretty in pink and show off of some curves in this fabulous black romper while you save the day in style and grace.


Noir Pirate Costume

Are you the type of girl who has a dark side? If so, this dark Noir Pirate women’s costume may be what you’re looking for on Halloween. This costume is super sexy and is tight enough to show off your toned body without being too revealing. Black is a great color, especially for us cynics and morally ambiguous types (lol).


Hidden Treasure Costume

We all love treasure, especially me! Who doesn’t love a golden crown, diamonds, emerald rings, ruby earrings… whew… I’m getting ahead of myself here! Costumes can be treasures, too, and you will strike gold when you wear this Hidden Treasure women’s costume. This costume is a treasure in and of itself – it’s hot, it’s sexy and it’s classy! If you are looking to dress to impress this Halloween, well, this outfit is a treasure you don’t want to pass up!


Rogue Pirate With Pants Costume

Going through these blogs, you’ve probably noticed a lack of pants in all these costumes. Well, let me tell you, pants are sizzling hot and very sexy! If you love wearing pants, you’ll love wearing this Rogue Pirate women’s costume for Halloween. This all black outfit is ravishing and alluring. Let’s not forget to mention how seductive this outfit will make you look. If you want to unleash a little bit of your naughty side, the time to go rogue is now!


Pirates Playmatey Costume

A lot of people often have a misconception that pirates can’t be hot, sexy or gorgeous. Oh, and for the record, I am talking about female pirates, because male pirates are pretty hot! I mean… have you seen Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow… HOTTTT (lol). Anyway, in this Pirates Playmatey outfit, you will show everyone that female pirates can be just as hot (or ever hotter) than male pirates. In this super alluring dress, you’ll have every pirate captain fighting for your heart. 


Treasure Hunt Pirate Costume

What’s the point of hunting for treasure when you are the ultimate treasure? That’s right, the Treasure Hunt Pirate women’s costume is a treasure in and of itself! Can you picture yourself in this hot outfit? Can you imagine how alluring you’re going to look? When you wear this gorgeous black and red dress, you’ll be the one of a kind treasure that everyone is hunting for. That being said, I think I’m going to go purchase this costume right now.  


Fantasy Pirate Costume

Do you often find yourself fantasizing about looking your best on Halloween night and how your costume will look? Probably not (lol). I don’t know anyone who fantasizes about Halloween and costumes months before Halloween, but there’s someone out there somewhere fantasizing about Halloween 2018! If you are looking for the hottest costume for Halloween, you need to walk the plank and fall into this Fantasy Pirate costume. This costume is cute – very white, pink and black and not too revealing. Let’s make our fantasies come true and look our best in this hot outfit!


Pirate Maiden Costume

Oh, so you’re having a hard time finding a man? Don’t worry, so am I. When you wear this hot Pirate Maiden women’s costume, you’ll no longer be a lonely maiden. This costume is made for us single ladies (of course, you can also wear this costume if you’re in a relationship), With this sexy, sheer and short white dress, you’ll turn heads. OH, did I forget to mention that this outfit also has a black waist cincher? That’s right, you’ll look like you’re in the best shape of your life in this costume. I hope you’re ready to have men fighting for your heart!


Black Beard's Beloved Costume

Sometimes I have trouble deciding between red dresses and black dresses. I mean… red dresses are just so seductive, while black dresses are so slimming. In this Black Beard’s Beloved women’s costume, you won’t have to worry between red dresses or black dresses, because this outfit is the best of both worlds! When you wear this outfit, you will be confident knowing that you will be seductive and sexy when you strut around in this high-quality dress. Let’s show everyone how sexy a pirate can be. Argh!


Black Pearl Pirate Costume

Am I wrong for saying that I like to look sexy? I mean, is it a bad thing to dress up in tight, short outfits that leave little to the imagination? I don’t think so! Sometimes, as women, we must cut loose and show off our sexy side. In this Black Pearl Pirate women’s costume, that’s exactly what you’re going to do! Let’s travel the 7 seas in style, let down our hair and throw on this hot outfit. Any pirate crew will be lucky to have such a gorgeous woman on their ship!


  • Jun 05, 2018
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