Ladies, it’s time to start thinking about Halloween costumes! Yes, right now! There’s no time to waste! The worst thing that can happen is that you wait until the last minute, and you are stuck with a crappy costume… or worse, no costume! Whether you want to be sexy cop, a beautiful goddess or a risque hero, there are tons of options out there! In this guide, you will find the top 10 women’s costumes that you could potentially be this Halloween! What character will you choose to be?

Devilish Delight Costume

To all my devilish women out there, get ready to unleash your naughty side and melt some hearts! If you need a quick costume idea, devils are never a bad way to go! For example, the Devilish Delight women’s costume is an attention grabber. With its red wet look appearance and its tight fit, you will set Halloween on fire in this super sexy costume.



Sidekick Girl Costume

Female heroes do it best! If you want to make a big impression this Halloween, heroes are always a fun choice. You gotta admit, female hero costumes are also extremely sexy and a bit risqué, adding a hint of a naughty touch to them. The Sidekick Girl women’s costume is the perfect costume to fulfill your heroic needs. What better way to make an impression at a Halloween party of cosplay event by showing a little skin and concealing your civilian identity in a sexy mask?



Sweet Knockout Costume

Get ready to knock them out this Halloween! If you’re not sure what you want to be, this Sweet Knockout women’s costume is a winner. A little sporty and a whole lot of sexy, this costume will help you pack a wallop when you enter the party. Sporty women can also be sexy, and this outfit will make you feel like the greatest of all time! You’ll be a total knockout, that’s for sure!



Stiff Sentence Costume

I hope you're ready to let out your naughty side! Naughty cop costumes are a popular choice for most women during Halloween. However, have you ever thought about the possibility of being a sexy convict? Yes, convicts can be sexy too, and when you wear the Stiff Sentence women’s costume, people will automatically bond you out. Who would’ve thought that looking this good could be a crime?!



Greek Huntress Costume

As women, we (well, many of us) like to be fashionable, trendy and hip. Look no further! Let’s sexy it up this Halloween in this Greek Huntress women’s costume. Huntresses are known for their boldness and their confidence. You can embody all of that in this costume, and you can bring a bit of sexiness to it as well when you flaunt your fabulous curves!



Voodoo Doll Costume

If you’re looking for a unique costume idea, a costume idea that you KNOW for a fact that nobody else will be, you need to try the Voodoo Doll women’s costume. Voodoo dolls sound so unsexy; however, I assure you, there is nothing unsexy about this Halloween costume! This voodoo doll outfit is hot… it’s sexy and it’s a bit risqué!



Midnight Bunny Costume

Bunny costumes are a classic costume choice for Halloween! When you think about bunnies, the first think that comes to mind are the Playboy Bunnies and how sexy and confident they are. You can now emulate them in this Midnight Bunny women’s costume. Be sexy and confident in this ravishing and high-quality bunny costume and let out your inner naughtiness. What are you waiting for? Let’s hop onto the scene and have good time!



Strapped Up Ninja Costume

It’s time to get strapped up and ready for action! if you have a feisty personality and you want to show it, a great costume choice for you this Halloween is the Strapped Up Ninja women’s costume. This costume is dangerously sexy and aggressively fun. The best part about this costume is that it conceals your identity and amplifies your sexiness by 110%.



Bang Bang Gangster Costume

Let’s face ladies… some of us like the gangster type (guilty), and now you can emulate one! If you want to express your bad side, look no further than the Bang Bang Gangster women’s costume! This costume is super sexy and a helluva lot of fun. What’s sexier than a woman who is in control and has an edgy personality? Let’s go out with a bang this Halloween and steal some hearts in the process!



Sexy Fortune Cookie Costume

It’s no secret that a way to a woman’s heart is through good food and awesome snacks (lol). This may be a strange Halloween costume idea, but what about going as a fortune cookie? I know, it doesn’t sound sexy, but it is! When people see you in this costume, all their fortunes will instantly come true. This costume is definitely a sexy treat and a unique costume choice!



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