You gotta admit, black is a sexy color. Black goes with anything and everything. Black is slimming. Most of all, black raises our sex appeal and makes us so much more attractive. That’s why we love black, right ladies?! For Halloween, we are going to make sure you are at your sexiest, which is why we prepared this list of some of the sexiest BLACK costumes on the market.

Midnight Black Witch Costume

Not feeling sexy enough for Halloween? Well, cast a spell on yourself and transform yourself into a sexy and seductive witch in this Midnight Black Witch Shaper women’s costume. Now that you’re a sexy witch, it’s time to have some real fun and let the Halloween festivities begin! Let’s take flight on our broomstick and cast some mischievous spells on unsuspecting victims.


Ruthless Galactic Empress Costume

If you’re known for having a princess complex, being unforgiving and slightly mean, then this Ruthless Galactic Empress women’s costume is right up your alley (don’t worry, those aren’t the requirements to wear this sexy costume). This costume is fit for a queen. It’s black and slimming, revealing and too sexy for people beneath you. Be as ruthless as your want to be for Halloween while you’re commanding your growing army in this super sexy outfit.


Sabbath Black Kitty Costume

As women, we always want to look our best; however, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right outfits (especially for Halloween). You can never go wrong with something black, skimpy and sexy. In this super sexy Sabbath Black Kitty women’s costume, you’ll be the best dressed woman on Halloween night.


Bat Honey Costume

Who knew bats can be sexy? When you wear this super sexy Bat Honey women’s costume, you’ll have everyone goin’ bats for you! In this black and sexy outfit, get ready to spread your wings on Halloween night and have some fun. Women in black always have the most fun.


Strapped Up Bunny Costume

Bunnies and black lace, how could anyone go wrong with those? In this super sexy Strapped Up Bunny, you’re going to give those Playboy models a run for their money! Redefine the term “sexy” as you hop onto the scene in this ravishing costume. Be super sexy, very flirty and slightly seductive and show off your naughty side!


Naughty Nights Bunny Costume

One thing’s for sure… you’re going to be in for a fun and naughty night when you wear this sexy Naughty Nights Bunny women’s costume. There’s nothing sexier than a woman in a black outfit. Get ready to own Halloween night when they see you hopping around in this tight black leotard. You can be as naughty as you want to be when you wear this sexy outfit.


Spellbound Sorceress Costume

Witches are known for castings spells on their victims, but in this Spellbound Sorceress women’s costume, you won’t need to cast anything to feel sexy! When they see you in this slim black dress, and when you show off your bedroom eyes and smile, you’ll automatically have them mesmerized by your looks alone. Imagine having that kind of power on someone. That power can be yours on Halloween night when you wear this ravishing outfit.


Glamorous Vamp Costume

Vampires can be creepy, but there will be nothing creepy about you when you wear this Glamorous Vamp women’s costume. Get ready to show off your dark, sexy and naughty side when you slowly come down the stairs and into the party of Halloween night. In this scarily sexy outfit, they will line up with pleasure to be bitten by you!


Women's Hellcat Devil Costume

Who knew hell had sexy women? In this Women's Hellcat Devil Costume, you’re going to show off your naughty side, which is what made you an angel of hell in the first place. On Halloween, in this devilishly sexy and revealing black leotard, don’t be afraid to flirt a little, be sexy and be as naughty as you want to be. One thing is for sure, you’re going to introduce a lot of sin in this smokin’ outfit!


Black Spider Witch Costume

Spiders, newts and toads, that’s what withes are made of (that may explain why they are ugly). However, something went horribly right, because in this Black Spider Witch women’s costume, you’ll become the sexiest witch that has ever lived. Get ready to turn heads and turn people into undead followers, because with a smile and a touch, they will do whatever they want when you wear this outfit on Halloween night!


Black Magic Sorceress Costume

Whatever black magic was used to make this super sexy outfit, it worked! This Halloween, you won’t need spells, potions or black magic to make men fall in love with you. As soon as you show up in this sexy black spandex catsuit, they will be mesmerized by you. Show everyone just how sexy a sorceress can be when you wear this outfit!


Alluring Assassin Costume

I gotta tell yaa, the assassin lifestyle ain’t easy. You always have to be silent, stalk your victim and then go in for the kill without being noticed. However, in this Alluring Assassin women’s costume, your job may be a little bit easier. When you wear this strikingly sexy outfit on Halloween night, all those that come in contact you may drop dead (mission accomplished). That puts the whole “if looks could kill” line into perspective, huh?


The Punishing One Costume

Are you tough enough to wear this Punishing One women’s costume? This costume requires a certain amount of edge, confidence and sexiness. If you have all these traits, and you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, then this costume may be right up your alley. Let’s kick some ass and take some names on Halloween night and punish those who deserve it!


Midnight Shift Officer Costume

Things tend to get a little crazy at midnight. That’s when all the creeps come out and cause a little mischief, more so on Halloween night. However, in this commandingly sexy Midnight Shift Officer women’s costume, thwarting crime will be as easy as walking up to them and winking at them. Get ready to cuff ‘em and book ‘em, because in this outfit, people may commit crimes just to get your attention!


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