Are you looking to turn heads this Halloween and make those around you jealous of your outfit? Are you having a hard time finding costumes that fit your fabulous curves? If so, we have just the treat for you! We have picked out the HOTTEST plus sized Halloween costumes on the market. Get ready to make a scene in one of these sizzling costumes!

Werewolf Plus Size Costume

Werewolves aren’t known to be cute. However, in this Plus Werewolf women’s Halloween costume, you’ll be the cutest werewolf alive. This sexy costume gives the traditional werewolf a different kind of look. Playing on current fashion trends and adding hints of werewolf fur across the costume, you’ll be a growling sensation.


Party King Heartthrob Queen Plus Size Costume

Ladies, if you weren’t a heartthrob during your teen years, you can be now! Imagine walking into a room and having all the boys look at you longingly and all the girls give you the side eye. In this Plus Heartthrob Queen women’s Halloween, you’ll be the heartthrob you’ve always wanted to be. Feel like a queen and embrace your new found confidence as you stun those around you in this ravishing black and white mini dress.


Belle of the Ball Plus Size Costume

When you were in high school, did you get to go to your prom? If you've never had the chance to experience the wonders of prom, you can now change all of that when you wear this  Belle of the Ball Plus Size Costume. This costume will have you looking prom ready on Halloween night. When they see you in this beautiful yellow dress, you are sure to find your prince charming and live happily ever after. 


Party King Women's La Novia Plus Size Costume

Get ready to worship the dead this Halloween when you wear this beautiful  Party King Women's La Novia Plus Size Costume. You can look cute as can be while you grace everyone with your presence, Day of the Dead style! With these vibrant colors and cute decorations, you can bring a little class, sophistication and fear wherever you go!


Plus Size Lovely Recruit Womens Costume

A little sexy, a lot of cute and extremely lawful. This is the look of a good cop gone bad. In this beautiful outfit, you can now bring the Halloween creeps to justice in style and grace. When you wear this gorgeous costume, it will be up to you to uphold the law. Of course, by wearing this outfit, catching creeps will be easier than ever when they get one look at you. 



Off with their Heads Queen of Hearts Plus Size Costume

Are you ready to take the throne this Halloween? Queens are confident, sexy and know how to get what they want. That’s what makes them so appealing to us women. You can now be the sexiest queen of them all in this Off With Their Heads Queen of Hearts plus size women’s costume. When people see you in this royally sexy outfit, they will bow down to you and idolize you. If they don’t obey your every command, it’s going to be off with their heads.


Day of the Dead  Señorita Plus Size Costume

Let’s celebrate Day of the Dead, but let’s do it Halloween style, ladies! Look cute as can be in this adorable Day of the Dead Senorita plus size women’s costume. Feel beautiful as you show off your dance moves and get ready to receive gifts from on looking admirers. You don’t need to wait for Día de los Muertos to look this cute.


Silver Sparkle Witch Plus Size Costume

Babes, let’s cook up a magic spell that will make you the sexiest witch in the room! In this Silver Sparkle Witch plus size women’s costume, you can make this Halloween one to remember. Get ready to hop on your broomstick and make a grand entrance. When you enter the room, you’re silver sparkle dress will have everyone mesmerized.


Devil Body Shaper Plus Size Costume

Sometimes, being naughty is nice. In this Devil Body Shaper plus size women's costume, you will be able to unleash the full extent of your naughtiness. Halloween night is a time for tricks and treats, so let's introduce a little sin in the world. Let's have some fun, let down our hair and melt hearts in this hot and steamy outfit.


Wonderful Sweetheart Plus Size Costume

If you're the kind of woman who can't get enough of superheroes, you won't be able to get enough of this Wonderful Girl plus size women’s costume! You’ll have a wonderful time on Halloween night when you wear this cute outfit. Let’s get ready to kick some ass and take some names in style and show people that we, as women can be cute and strong at the same time!


  • May 18, 2018
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